Nigerian Arrested In Thailand For Bank Fraud

A 44-year-old Nigerian man, Chuks, has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, for allegedly committing bank fraud against three Thai nationals.

Immigration police chief, Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang, disclosed this on Tuesday.

He said the arrest followed several complaints from citizens and officials of the Siam Commercial Bank and TMB Bank that there were scammers who had been impersonating as officers and managers from banks who send emails randomly to their clients.

The victims who fell for the scam would fill in personal information, including names, ID numbers, and bank account numbers, as well as OTP codes.

The alleged scammer then reportedly used the given information to log into mobile banking applications before transferring all the money from the victim’s account to their own. The police then began an investigation, revealing that the suspect was living in the Minburi District of Bangkok.

Chuks was found at the scene, along with evidence that was reportedly used during the fraud.

He was initially charged for overstaying and committing fraud and impersonation. He is now being detained at the Minburi Police Station for further interrogation.




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