Nigerian Man Stranded In Europe For Five Years, Begs To Be Deported

A Nigerian man, Elijah Amusan, who has resided in Italy and Germany for over five years, has begged to be deported to Nigeria, saying life has not been comfortable for him in Europe. 

Amusan, who begged the Nigerian government for deportation in a two-minute video, said he moved to Germany from Italy over a period of five years, but lacked documents; he cried for help that he should be returned to Nigeria. 

The man, who initially spoke in Yoruba, said he arrived in Italy in 2016 and had tried several times to get his papers to legally reside there but he wasn’t successful. 

According to Elijah, he later moved to Germany where he currently is, but desires to return home.  

He said, “My name is Elijah Amusan. I came to Italy in 2016. I have tried to get my documents since 2016 to no avail. I tried getting a lawyer as well to help me get my documents, I couldn’t obtain the documents. 

“I spent four years without a job or receiving any pocket money. I have come to beg everyone in Africa and in Nigeria to please rescue me so I can come back to Nigeria. 

“I beg you in God’s name to please help me to return back to Nigeria.

“I have signed papers that they should return me (to Nigeria), they have not (done so). There is no solution or good life for me. I have been struggling. I am presently in Frankfurt, Germany, and I cannot say more than this because this is a video recording. 

“I have not had documents for like five years. I need to return to my country.”



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