Drug Ring: Philippine Police Kill Nigerian, Chukwuma During Sting Operation

A Nigerian national, Christopher Chukwuma, suspected of leading a drug ring has been shot dead during a raid on Monday in a hotel in the village of Bagong Ilog in Pasig City, the Philippines police personnel.

Chukwuma, a resident of Angeles City in Pampanga, was killed because he allegedly fought back the arresting officers, RMN reports.


An undercover cop had pretended to be an interested client and met the suspect in the hotel where he was staying.

During the meeting, the suspect became suspicious of the undercover agent, prompting the rest of the police force to attack Chukwuma’s lair.

The cops allegedly discovered PHP13.6 million (US$283,000) worth of meth in his possession.

Chukwuma is allegedly the leader of a gang composed of fellow Nigerians who sell drugs in different parts of Luzon. 

The police have arrested other Nigerians in Las Piñas and Pampanga’s drug raids.

Thousands of drug suspects are dead in the name of the Duterte government’s drug war, with the police saying that they had been killed because they allegedly fought back.

However, human rights groups have alleged that some of the suspects were unarmed.

The incident in the Philippines is coming about two weeks after protests erupted in Dublin, the Irish capital, over the police killing of a 27-year-old Nigerian, George Nkencho, in the Manorfields Drive area, near the Dublin/Meath border.

Nkencho who went to the Hartstown Shopping Centre at around 12.15 pm.
In two instances, the police had stated that he had threatened members of the public with a knife.
But multiple videos taken by members of the public in the moments leading up to his death had shown otherwise.

One of the videos shows the 27-year-old, who it is understood had experienced mental health issues, walk across a green area and followed by marked and unmarked Garda cars.




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