Egypt’s Cairo Green takes the lead in vegetable exports to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Cairo Green is a premium producer and exporter of top quality fruits and vegetables to European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Cairo Green grows, packs, and exports top quality table grapes, mangoes, garlic, and recently have added Citrus into its portfolio. As of 2020 93% of the company’s products was exported to the UK, EU, Russia Middle East and Asia.

Cairo Green is operating in an evergrowing global fruit and vegetable market worth almost 1.4 trillion USD, hoping to increase Cairo Green’s stake off the total market value.

Islam Ghoneim, the passionate young entrepreneur and CEO of Cairo Green, took his first action when hired a competent team and worked on meeting international standards, dedicating all time, effort and resources to obtain international certifications to meet the European market such as Global Gap, Grasp Certificate, Sedex-Ethical Trade, BRC, and Leaf Marque ensuring top quality, hygiene, and high ethicality.

Islam Ghoneim - CEO of Cairo Green
Islam Ghoneim – CEO of Cairo Green

The expansion continued, and Islam has shown tremendous desire to now knock on African market doors and to build a solid supply chain so that African Nations would benefit from receiving safe and top quality fresh produce with reasonable prices.

According to him, African countries are neighbouring countries to Egypt and can mutually benefit from developing retails, logistical chains, and cold store facilities where it will automatically create more jobs for the importing countries, Islam says.

“Africa deserves the EU standards, and the whole world needs that.” – Islam Ghoneim – CEO Cairo Green


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