Flutterwave’s Holiday AD Campaign, stirring up emotions and inspiring new hopes for 2021

The year 2020 came with different experiences for different people – For Mr. Chinedu, a Lagos based businessman, the events that defined 2020, adversely affected his retail business; the movement restrictions and lockdowns crippled sales, leaving him with no concrete source of income.

Despite this, perseverance, and the bravery to seek new opportunities, helped him survive what he described as the “worst business year ever”.

As for Makena, a sales representative for a Kenyan based business, 2020 saw her get laid off from work with no options to fall back on. However, with the help of Family and friends, she was able to establish an online business that holds great prospect for growth.

No matter how different our stories and experiences of 2020 are, a common theme will be noticed; 2020 was a challenging year and we all struggled to get by, but that is not where the story ends.

Underneath these challenges and struggles, lies stories of triumph, bravery, small wins, acts of kindness, the power of togetherness and the assurance that the coming year will be better. This is exactly what is captured and portrayed in the new Flutterwave “Stronger Together” Holiday ad.

Connecting you to endless possibilities 🦋 | Flutterwave

2020 was welcomed with celebrations and high expectations. Everyone had goals and aspirations for the year and had high hopes of achieving them, but the year had other plans. The Covid-19 pandemic came, disrupted the year and ushered us into a series of other unfortunate events. A lot businesses as well as individuals were negatively affected by these events and needed a helping hand to go through the year.

Despite the disruptions experienced in 2020, Flutterwave has embarked on a campaign aimed at reminding us that the memories of 2020 we need to hold on to should not be the stories of devastations and disruptions, but the stories of how we fought together and pulled through, how we were there for ourselves and how our hopes of a better 2021 was renewed.

Instead of painting memories of businesses failing due to covid-19 restrictions, Flutterwave is painting a brighter picture of how innovative solutions helped businesses to get back on their feet, rather than a story of loss, they tell a story of recovery by showing how togetherness and acts of kindness helped us mend. The goal is to shift the focus from the despair of 2020 to a renewed hope of a better 2021, emphasizing that together we can weather whatever storm we are faced with.

Flutterwave's Holiday AD Campaign, stirring up emotions and inspiring new hopes for 2021
Flutterwave’s Holiday AD Campaign, stirring up emotions and inspiring new hopes for 2021

Flutterwave is one brand that has played a huge role in salvaging 2020 for both small businesses and individuals. The brand showed real empathy and intentionally worked to help. With innovative products like the Flutterwave store that allowed business owners to go fully digital effortlessly and sell from their homes.

The Flutterwave store was a direct response to the plight of businesses affected by the pandemic and other unfortunate events. Several success stories have been recorded since the inception of the Flutterwave store, recently a Flutterwave Store owner- Funkycollectionz sold 1000 bags in 3 days on its Flutterwave Store.

Flutterwave Donations Links and Checkouts are other solutions rolled out by the brand that have played significant roles in helping its community, especially in receiving payments and crowd funding. Flutterwave also entered several strategic partnerships with brands like Google, Alipay, Worldpay and Paga all in a bid to provide more opportunities for growth to its community.

Flutterwave's Holiday AD Campaign, stirring up emotions and inspiring new hopes for 2021
Flutterwave’s Holiday AD Campaign, stirring up emotions and inspiring new hopes for 2021

For the Flutterwave Brand, 2020 has been a year of offering support to their community, facilitating growth of small businesses, and ensuring everyone is carried along despite the struggles being faced.

Founded in 2016, Flutterwave enables its customers to build customizable payment applications through its APIs. It has processed over $8 billion in transaction value since its inception. Existing customers include Uber, Booking.com and over 200, 000 other businesses. The company has an active presence in 15 (fifteen) African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

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