Nigerians Knock Army For Deploying Aircraft, Gun Trucks In Search Of Kanu’s Eastern Security Network Camp

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A number of Nigerians have criticised the Nigerian Army for deploying aircraft and gun trucks to locate Nnamdi Kanu’s Eastern Security Network camp, saying it was a misplaced priority in the security challenges facing the country.

A few others, however, supported the military saying the ESN could become a regional security threat since the South-East governors had also dissociated themselves from the outfit.

SaharaReporters had exclusively reported that the army deployed combat helicopters, gun trucks and soldiers to search some suspected forests in the South-East states where the ESN, recently launched by Nnamdi Kanu, is said to be camping.

SaharaReporters had also reported that the military search had been ongoing for days with no time frame, as the army is said to be acting on “orders from above.”

Videos from the drones and hidden cameras believed to be installed by the ESN, captured the Nigerian Army helicopters and their vehicles and soldiers searching for the camp of the ESN for possible arrests.

On Twitter, several Nigerians believed that the military action was a misplaced priority and such enthusiasm and energy were not seen in the North-East against the Boko Haram terrorists nor against the bandits in the North-West.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Army Deploys Aircraft, Gun Trucks In Search Of Kanu’s Eastern Security Network Camp

@oluyounggeneral wrote, “Equipment is available to search for them but when it comes to BH and bandits, the equipment is suddenly inadequate, Government what, Government magic…”

@adeologo_dire wrote, “There is no peace for the wicked. They have not killed anybody or demanded ransom for kidnap but you are vigorously searching for them. Just remember God hid David, Saul & his mighty army couldn’t find him.”

Felix Anineh (@FelixAnineh) wrote: “A wrong line of action. The men in the North-East region fighting insurgency need the aircraft and other heavy weapons to expunge the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists even with their outcry of being poorly equipped to fight, yet draft more men to the peaceful eastern region.”

@fannyb_esta wrote, “Where are all this equipment to search for Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers? The North wants to use the military to keep other regions subservient. If others also have access to weapons and heavy artillery, this country will collapse o, they think they have a monopoly of violence.”

Also, on Facebook, a number of Nigerians disagreed with the military action.

For instance, Polycarp Danaan said, “I expected these arsenals and military facilities to be moved to my dear northern region to fight insurgency, kidnapping and banditry… It is one out of many misplaced priorities of this government.”

Naomi Enogela said, “If this effort was made towards capturing Boko Haram demons, then it would have been a huge success for the Nigerian army. Let everyone secure their region; it would be better.”

Ajose Adewale said, “I think Nigerian government is consciously in support of what is happening in the North. It’s not a misplacement of priority, but a deliberate act.”

Joseph Tecux Jacob said, “If this piece of information is true, then this is so senseless and biased. Though coming from a failed government such as we have currently is no longer a surprise. But why go after them and leave Amotekun?”




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