Top 5 Career Trends to Expect in 2021

While 2020 approached, lots of people made predictions about career trends to expect. These predictions could have been perfect. However, the pandemic made everything go south. The pandemic came and had a major effect on the careers of a majority of professionals.

2021 is approaching, and it is about time to make predictions about the likely career trends. Although these trends might not go as planned because of the uncertainties that could arise in the coming year, having an idea of these trends can help professionals position themselves better for the new year.

That being said, below are top 5 career trends to expect in 2021

Time will be replaced as the main KPI for judging performance by productivity.

The rise of remote will have tremendous indirect benefits towards the output focus for many employees worldwide, and great workers will be the ones who deliver what they promise consistently.

Many managers are already concerned that working from home will cause a drop in productivity thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one major trend that will be used to measure remote productivity is Time.

Instead of tracking the time remote workers are logging, many managers will be shifting their focus to track how long it takes their staff to complete their set tasks.

Remote working is here to stay

2020 was a disastrous year for lots of professionals in Africa and the rest of the world. Nonetheless, people with remote jobs fared better than the average person. The pandemic forced lots of organisations to adopt the idea of working remotely.

Covid 19 ushered the world into a new system, and it does not look like things will change very much as remote working will be with us for a very long time. This is because the pandemic is still very much around and might only become less lethal when most people get vaccinated. This will take a long time as lots of countries in Africa are yet to place orders for the vaccines.

Due to the trend of working remotely, people in Africa can work for firms in the United States without physically being in the United States. Tamilore Oladipo is one of such Africans. She is a content marketing manager for a health technology company in California. This company is called KGoal. Due to Tamilore’s success in working remotely, she has set up a consultancy service known as The Remote Path, and in 2021, a lot of Africans will follow in her footsteps.

Virtual interviews are the new norm

Having meetings on zoom and other such platforms was a saving grace for lots of firms and professionals. While in the heat of the pandemic, it felt like the only way to survive, and it made lots of firms realise they did not have to meet physically with prospective employees before conducting interviews.

Just like lots of meetings were held on zoom in 2020, 2021 will not be any different. If you are attending an interview anytime in 2021, you just have to be prepared for a virtual interview as this will be a major trend in the new year.

Virtual interviews are great. Nonetheless, lots of professionals are beginning to dislike them. The reason for this is they take away any form of interactions which are associated with workplaces.

In addition to interviews going virtual in 2021, they will last a lot longer than most people are used to. Unlike past years when people could get a job after one to two interviews, you might go through three to eight interviews before getting a job.

Although this will not be convenient for employers and prospective employees, it just might be the only way for employers to be sure they are hiring the right candidate.

Since most interviews will be virtual, people who have never given attention to online interviews might not get their desired job.

Goodbye to open office spaces

There will be significant working space changes in 2021. Dense offices will be replaced with open spaces. Also, these open spaces will be physically distanced. That’s not all. A lot of premises will pay attention to what professionals are interested in accomplishing.

Since the world is in a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, working spaces will pay much attention to workers’ wellness and health. There will be an upgrade in air quality and air systems. They will also monitor temperature and take advantage of natural light.

More people will work with professional resume writers

Lots of people lost their jobs in 2020. Also, 2021 will be associated with an increased challenge in landing a job as experts predict that there won’t be enough remote jobs for at least the next 5 years. Due to this, many people will opt to work with professional resume writers, so their accomplishments, skills, and experiences will be better outlined. This way, they will increase their likelihood of landing their dream job.

Other trends to expect include:

  • The gig/freelancer economy will evolve. Remote work allows workers to have multiple employers.
  • Remote work will do more for inequality than anything in history. Workers everywhere will find the best, highest paying job.
  • Written Communication will be the most important skill for workers to cultivate.

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