Fem, Joe Biden and Pornstar martini recipe top Nigeria’s Google searches in 2020

<p class="">Google Nigeria has released its annual ‘Year in Search’ results, highlighting all of the standout moments across news, sports, entertainment, and beyond. From the predictable and mundane to downright absurd, the most popular searches on Google offer a pretty accurate snapshot of 2020 — a year unlike any other.</p>

<p class="">In Nigeria, many of the top searches were centred around the words ‘how to’ and ‘what is’, and reflected the drastic changes brought about by Covid-19, including working from home and the ongoing Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike that has lasted for nearly a year.</p>

<figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/Mjk7MDA_/819b3d5ea05d25f7451edb54f1a40865.jpg" alt="Fem, Joe Biden and Pornstar martini recipe top Nigeria’s Google searches in 2020"> <figcaption>Fem, Joe Biden and Pornstar martini recipe top Nigeria’s Google searches in 2020</figcaption> </figure>

<p class="">The coronavirus pandemic and US election results dominated online searches in 2020, with Joe Biden topping the list of trending people in Nigeria, according to the annual ‘Year in Search’ list by Google.</p>

<p class="">‘How to make hand sanitizer’ and ‘How to make a face mask?’ also generated considerable searches, along with ASUU and the death of African-American man, George Floyd. Davido’s ‘Fem,’ Rema, Naira Marley, and Hushpuppi were also part of the top trending queries as well.</p>

<p class="">In the Top trending recipes category, the most popular searches were for Pornstar martini recipe, Puff puff recipe, and Pancake recipe, as well as Red velvet cake recipe, Meat pie recipe, and Chin chin recipe.</p>

<p class="">Biden was the top personality for 2020, followed by Afropop artist Rema, singer Naira Marley, and Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau. Hushpuppi, who was arrested by Dubai Police and extradited to the United States for being involved in fraudulent activities, was also among the top trending people in Nigeria.</p>

<p class="">The top trending song of the year was Davido – Fem, followed by Simi – Duduke, and Mayorkun ft Davido – Betty Butter, with XXXTentacion – Bad being the only international song in the top ten list.</p>

<p class=""><strong>See the full list below</strong></p>

<p class=""><strong>Top 10 trending searches (Nigeria)</strong></p>

<ol><li>Coronavirus</li><li>US election</li><li>Joe Biden</li><li>Google Classroom</li><li>ASUU</li><li>Zoom Live</li><li>Rema</li><li>Naira Marley</li><li>Rahama Sadua</li><li>Hushpuppi</li></ol>

<p class=""><strong>Top trending questions (Nigeria)</strong></p>

<ol><li>Who is the new President of America?</li><li>When is school resuming in Nigeria?</li><li>How to make hand sanitizer</li><li>Who is George Floyd?</li><li>How to make a face mask?</li><li>Who is Joe Biden?</li><li>Who is Laycon?</li><li>How to make a cake</li><li>Who is Aisha Yesufu?</li><li>How to make bread</li></ol>

<p class=""><strong>Top trending people (Nigeria)</strong></p>

<ol><li>Joe Biden</li><li>Rema</li><li>Naira Marley</li><li>Rahama Sadau</li><li>Hushpuppi</li><li>Laycon</li><li>Kamala Harris</li><li>Omah Lay</li><li>Maryam Sanda</li><li>Kai Havertz</li></ol>

<p class=""><strong>Top trending recipes (Nigeria)</strong></p>

<ol><li>Pornstar martini recipe</li><li>Puff puff recipe</li><li>Pancake recipe</li><li>Red velvet cake recipe</li><li>Meat pie recipe</li><li>Chin chin recipe</li><li>Bread recipe</li><li>Chocolate cake recipe</li><li>Oha soup recipe</li><li>Egusi soup recipe</li></ol>

<p class=""><strong>Top trending songs (Nigeria)</strong></p>

<ol><li>Davido – Fem</li><li>Simi – Duduke</li><li>XXXTentacion – Bad</li><li>Mayorkun ft Davido – Betty Butter</li><li>Rema- Ginger me</li><li>Rema – Woman</li><li>Burna Boy – Wonderful</li><li>Patoranking – Abule</li><li>Naira Marley – Tesumole</li><li>Davido ft Nicki Minaj – Holy Ground</li></ol>

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